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Happy First Birthday WPA!

Thursday, April 14, 2016 3:27 PM | Alison Hardy (Administrator)

This week we celebrated the first birthday of the Window Preservation Alliance during the Traditional Building Conference in Chicago. 

The venue could not have been more appropriate - the Chicago History Museum - and the room featured beautiful Frank Lloyd Wright stained glass panels. 

And they had to torment us, as it seems the incredible wheel engraved glass in the windows shown on the screen are long lost. Anyone know where they are?

But, two days of presentations on windows, everything from the evolution of sash making to the lengths aluminum window fabricators are going to try to even get close to the elegant details of orignal windows. And lots of stories of windows that were needlessly ripped out in the 1970's, now failing, and in need of replacement. Ha!

Had the great pleasure of meeting a number of window restorers both established and starting up. Learned more about new glass technology. And really got to listed to the struggle that we all face to come up with sensible solutions to window issues. There were amazing case studies of very large windows built a century ago no posing challenges to the way we are used to living. How is it building 11 foot tall operable sash (like you see in most courthouses, town halls, schools and churches) now seems an impossible feat? And when presented with the opportunity to make them operable again the choice is so often "seal them shut we're never going to use them" which just makes me sad and annoyed. 

It's always a challenge to find time to get out of the shop and go to events like this, but it's always worth it. Looking forward to the next meet up of putty heads!


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