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    • 02 Jun 2017
    • 8:00 AM
    • 04 Jun 2017
    • 4:00 PM
    • The Belvedere School for Hands On Preservation


    Window Restoration & Weatherization Boot Camp is a fun and intense, three-day, hands-on learning experience. Students will learn cost-effective restoration & weatherization of original, double-hung, wood windows.

    You will be part of a team restoring original wood, double hung windows in a historic house or building in the Central Park National Historic District in Hannibal, Missouri.  

    This is a tuition-based class with a limit of 12 students. You will be working side-by-side all three days with instructor Bob Yapp. Bob is nationally recognized as one of the top experts in window restoration & is a founding member of The National Window Preservation Standards Collaborative. Bob has restored over 6,500 windows in his 43-year career.

    Window Boot Camp is an intense, learn-by-doing opportunity. You will learn sash removal, safe paint & glass removal, wood repair, glazing putty application, complete weather stripping & sash installation which includes re-roping the sash weights.

    At the end of the three days you and your teammates will have restored and weather stripped a double hung window unit from beginning to end. Every student completing the workshop receives a "Certificate of Completion".

    Homeowners, small contractors, preservation staff, preservation commission members, preservation students, architects and historic building owners all benefit from this hands-on, traditional training event. All skill levels are encouraged to sign up.

    Tuition for this three-day workshop is $400 and includes fresh ground morning coffee, beverages and lunch. Space is limited to ten students in each session and pre-registration is required 

    Affordable hotels and bed & breakfast inns are available for out of town students. For more information or to pre-register call Bob Yapp,

    217-474-6052 or email him, yapperman@msn.com

    June 2, 3 & 4, 2017

    • 05 Jun 2017
    • 08 Jun 2017
    • 3145 State Road, Telford, PA 18969

     The ongoing task of performing maintenance, repairs, and restoration of historic structures requires special skills that are becoming harder to find in the general construction industry. In an effort to bolster the pool of preservation trades practitioners, LimeWorks.us (a supplier of lime mortars for professional masonry restoration and sustainable building systems) is teaming up with Craftwork Training Center to administer a variety of ARTisAn Objective workshops that provide training, certification, and continuing education for preservation and trade contractors, craftsmen, and artisans. Craftwork Training Center teaches time-honored skills and fine craftsmanship through intensive hands-on training in preservation masonry and carpentry techniques. Our workshops enable students to repair, restore, and stabilize historic buildings and components. We also emphasize construction principles, current and emerging preservation practices, and sustainable materials.

    All of our workshops include lectures, demonstrations, and hands-on learning and are held on the beautiful campus shared by LimeWorks.us and Craftwork Training Center located at 3145 State Road, Telford, PA 18969 (unless noted otherwise). Detailed descriptions of our workshops and a complete schedule of our 2017 programs can be found online at:

    Nationally recognized preservationist Steve Quillian will join our in-house restoration specialist Adam Criscuolo (a WPA member) to guide participants through the steps to rehabilitate vintage wood windows from start to finish. This informative hands-on workshop will be held at the campus shared by LimeWorks.us and Craftwork Training Center (3145 State Road, Telford, PA 18969). 

    Questions? Contact Robin Hepler

    EPA Certified RRP Lead-Safe Trainer
    Campus Event Planner and Coordinator
    Craftwork Training Center
    Phone: 215-536-1776

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07 May 2016 Repair and Renovation - Windows 201 Workshop
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07 May 2016 National Sash Revival Day
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29 Apr 2016 Old House Fair - Bellefonte, PA
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12 Mar 2016 Old House & Barn Expo - Manchester NH
19 Feb 2016 WPA Annual Meeting
05 Feb 2016 Historic Home Show - Valley Forge, PA
03 Nov 2015 National Preservation Conference 2015
15 Sep 2015 WPA meeting at Window Preservation Standards Collaborative - Summit II
23 Jul 2015 IPTW Meet Up
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